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Debian or Ubuntu. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Hello and nice greeting from the distant Antarctic.Today I wanted to know from you which Linux distribution should I still take. Who has experience with Debian or Ubuntu, or with both, and which have advantages and disadvantages of Debian, and Ubuntu and the Linux version would still like to make?For significant help and answers I thank you in advance.Oh yes, thumbs down I distribute here, unless the answer is offensive in irgenteiner form.Greetings from the eternal ice!

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  1. Krabbe | Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Ubuntu is not always up to date and Debian. But Debian is extremely stable – Ubuntu is indeed a “Debian-Distribution”, but not so stable, I think.But wait times, until there will come a W

  2. Christoph | Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Ubuntu is characterized by:It is up to date than Debian, so maybe not so stable: For me, it is certainly more stable than Windows. . . .It has only one solution to every problem, so installed a program to fix (if you are looking for another solution, you will find the course)It is extremely easy to use, is for a Windows converts almost no problems.Almost anything can be done with the mouse.Installing Ubuntu is finished by media very simple (no compiling the kernel: Debian scores This is probably because you must adapt it better, so it’s probably a little faster)

  3. lennny | Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    I would advise the beginner to ubuntu, simply because of the giant-quality community who ask ansich to help keep all ready.the ease of her own, both for the beginner, and I would also tend to ubuntu here.ubuntu sees it with the open-source thought less closely than debian, which is not related to the system itself, but on available drivers and software.aktualit

  4. weg mit H4 | Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    Ubuntu is the ideal software for the beginner.Is easy to use and you can download plenty of tools at that.Firefox also has many add-ons that run on Ubuntu, you have to give up anything.I myself have about 6 weeks with Ubuntu on it ons Firefox Add incl 42 and am still fascinated bright.The system is stable and viruses have virtually no chance.I do not know Debian itself, I was also beginning to be discouraged.

  5. Iceland62 | Jan 16, 2011 | Reply

    The advantage of Linux (namely, the diversity) is the disadvantage for the beginner namely the complexity in the number of distributions out there.In my opinion, take it for entry to only the importance of a distribution that is easy to install and which it is also easy to help get when you runs up yet and it was in news groups. And since Ubuntu is certainly not the worst choice.But read the recommendation on tuxfutter times. dehttp://www. tuxfutter. en / wiki / Die_Wahl_der_DistributionThe even warn against this question in a newsgroup (here is not so) to make.A link with rank list of available Linux distributions can be found from tuxfutter.Here again directly:http://distrowatch. com / stats. php? section = popularityIf in doubt, if you like the Tuxfutter tips are useless, take a beginner just what is up in the rankings. The other is late if interested, would be my recommendation.

  6. W├╝ffel | Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    Basically, Ubuntu is Debian easier and is more complicated.Debian is fast, stable and fast. Disadvantage of Debian is that Debian is extremely outdated, many programs / packages are installed only through a cumbersome installation of the terminal. Many programs are, as already mentioned, hopelessly out of date. Debian also claims to be free, but it is not quite true of himself 100%. As GNU / Linux distributions like gNewSense Trisquel or Linux are really free, while Debian still brings with it such parcels.Is truly very good, but I do not feel like spending hours sitting in front of the console, only install a package – while in Ubuntu is done within seconds.Ubuntu has indeed non-free packages on offer (which can be removed but again), this is as stable as Debian and Ubuntu easier and easier to use and much more user friendly than Debian, for example, which even a beginner / transfer passengers not at all important is.And Debian has over the years failed to Linux that a boom would be broken. But Ubuntu has achieved this, what is in my view, an indictment of Debian.I’m still quite excited and impressed by Ubuntu and advise beginners only at Ubuntu to incorporate and to look for a certain period of time perhaps for other Linux distributions.Currently I am a passionate user of gNewSense, which is an absolutely 100% free GNU / Linux based on Ubuntu. gNewSense has the simplicity and functionality of Ubuntu and the real 100% free under the GNU / FSF definition that does not meet even Debian.Which Linux distribution you choose, you must know yourself.Let you not be talked, the distribution X would be the “best”. . . The best Linux distribution is the one with which you get clear and not what others want you aufschwatzen.If that ‘s Debian, then take Debian.You like Ubuntu, gNewSense or another Linux distribution, then take the ones you like and not the distribution that you want to persuade others.A detailed list of 100 most popular Linux distributions, you can find others to http://distrowatch. comIf you have any questions for me, you can write me through my profile like an email.

  7. 9apres4 | Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

    Some of the largest Linux errors:1. There is no such thing as a “best Linux”.No, there is not. Each distribution has its strengths and weaknesses and their particular niche. It depends on what you do with the distro, as you are proficient already, so expect your hardware etc etc2. You can not go wrong with the big distros.But you can. The arguments of 1 also apply here. What do you use the highly acclaimed Ubuntu, if your hardware is too weak, or if you want to do a lot of multimedia. Then there are more suitable distros. In this example, kiwi or Mint7 ArtistX Ubuntu instead.3. You can safely install Linux alongside Windows.Very big joke. YC is full of calls for help from those beginners who believed that. A dual-boot Windows / Linux well get added, one must have experience with the disk partitioning. Anyone without such proposals to the partitioning of your Linux installation routines can, will experience his life. In addition to sufficient prior information collection about the partitioning itself, can anyone who installed the Linux will only get to partition previously separately with gparted (the partition editor in Ubuntu for example) to make and it very well to look at what he does. The Linux installation must then “manually” take place when the partition is up.4. Linux can learn quickly and apply.Also wrong. It takes months and many mistakes. One should einbleuen every beginner that he first tested the LiveCD detail. Again and again, and no installation. Only when one is safe, then perhaps it can go to the Install. But actually, you can recommend any beginner who wants to not affect its Windows only compromise the Super Puppy Linux. This can be “frugal install” on an existing partition by copying two files, it runs very fast and you can learn Linux without collateral damage.

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