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Benefits of running a linux Operating system?

What’re the benefits of running a linux system compared to Mac or Microsoft? I know it’s very uncompatiable with many programs, but what’re the benefits of using it?

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  1. Nathan E | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Umm…it’s free and open source (free to distribute as well)? Mac and MS are very much not free.

  2. ikaros | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply


  3. dpfan4life | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Runs faster than xp, crashes less than xp, takes less system resources, you can customize just about anything in Linux. With a Mac if it breaks it can be a pain to service, Linux runs on just about everything and there are loads of resources online in relation to fixing problems…

    I can see Linux incompatible with certain MS programs, but for Linux there are many great alternatives, like OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office…

  4. Jesse | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Its fast, free and secure. Its written by users, for users. It is very easy to develop applications in, and you won’t get sued for modifying it. Despite popular belief, it is actually quite compatible with many programs. You can run windows, mac, or linux in a virtual machine, or use WINE to emulate running windows without needing a license. There is much more functionality than with windows. Most discontinued products that work in xp, but not vista, work in all the latest linux distributions. Support for, and integration of implemented hardware surpasses that of Windows based computers.

    Better yet than listening to me, try it yourself. Currently, the most popular distribution is ubuntu:

  5. Slacker | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Well first it’s free, open-source, and almost all of the software for it is free and open source. And trust me, there is so much good free/open-source software out there that you won’t care about Windows/Mac programs.

    Other advantages:
    -It’s capable of true multitasking. You won’t know what true multitasking is until you use Linux. Ever notice how when installing software in Windows, it asks you to close all other programs before installing? You can run just about as many programs as your computer can handle simultaneously under Linux with no problems.
    -You never really have to reboot. This is why Linux is popular on servers, it almost never has to be restarted allowing the servers to run 24/7.
    -Supports just about every filesystem known to man: ext3, ext2, fat16, fat32, reiserfs, ntfs, jfs, and more I can’t even think of right now. I believe Windows only supports fat, fat32, and NTFS
    -It’s much faster!
    -If you’re a programmer, it has all the compilers you’ll ever need.
    -It’s pretty much virus-free. This is because of smart permissions, it being open-source, and slightly because of it being less popular than Windows/OS X. You will not need an antivirus or anything like that.
    -You have complete control of your system: What goes in and what goes out. And you can configure just about every part of your system to make it your own.

    This is just a small list. I’m sure you can find many more by typing “Linux advantages” into your favorite search engine

  6. Compiz-git guru | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Here is a detailed explanation on the benefits of Linux


  7. Connor R | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    First of all, your getting the same security level as mac os x. Second, the os is entirely comprised of thrid party software, ignoring the brand loyal label. And even though it doesn’t have as much software as xp, you’ll still be surprised at the programs compatible with linux. Also, if you need to run windows programs, you can always use programs like wine, wine doors, or crossover to rum them without forking over 100 dollars to buy xp. Think of it as a cheap mac os x for computer experts.

  8. whatever_noone | Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    It actually is compatible with many programs. What you mean is that it’s uncompatible with commercial programs. But Linux can use many FREE programs not available for Windows or Mac.

    Linux is easy to use. Read the Linux Mint (a popular version of Linux) User Guide:

    Linux can be customized. Windows and Mac can’t. I could make Linux look like XP, Vista, Mac, or have a unique look.

    Linux can use lots of free software. Check out the Linux Mint Software Portal (this is just some of what you can get!):

    Linux is more secure, can run lots of Windows programs with a free program called Wine, and doesn’t get viruses.

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